It is likely that you frequently saw such a concept as an IT outsourcing.
It is likely that you are partially or adequately using this service.
It is likely that not everyone understands what it is and what its profits are.

IT outsourcing - is a natural stage in the evolution of business.

IT Stars provides outsourcing services in software development:

  • Software development
  • Internet marketing
  • Consulting
  • Localization and globalization: software, computer games and web sites
  • Maintenance of enterprise information systems

IT outsourcing - is a sign of doing business in modern conditions, dictated by both time and development of economic and industrial market. Actually, it's just a set of services that provides customers a third-party company, which is specialized in implementing this type of work. This set of services includes a wide range of issues in the field of information problems. A simplified form of the solution is not relevant to the client problems, reduces costs for implementation, maintenance and upgrading of enterprise IT infrastructure, saving a large amount of funds and resources in providing the core business, due to the fact that it deals with a specialized IT company.

IT outsourcing has several forms:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • Improved (strategic)

IT outsourcing offers several advantages:

  • Reduction of enterprise IT costs;
  • Implementation of specialized and specific tasks;
  • Attracting employees to carry out specific non-recurring projects;
  • Fixed budget for IT costs;
  • The development of IT base of the company thanks to external experience.

Software development


In a narrow sense, programming - coding, the same part, such as analysis of the project or testing. In a broad sense, programming is the process of creating software.
The increasing complexity of software causes the growth of external IT support services and maintenance of both software and hardware. To accompany even a small project, such as a home page, requires some IT professionals. To maintain the home page into a competitive advantage, as a minimum requires for regular updating of materials and hosting, providing all-day uninterrupted access to it.
Times of universal specialists are gone. No one can have a maximum range of knowledge and skills in designing, installation and adjustment of modern IT systems. The same applies to the system supporting in working condition, its expansion and improvement. Until deteriorating reliability of service and quality, head of the company is not interested in who does the job.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a range of services aimed at attracting the attention of potential consumers, Internet users to a specific service, product or just a website. Site is just a showcase, which helps to convey information to the consumer in a form in which you have arranged it there. Promotion of the site in search engines and contextual advertisement applies only to the field of search marketing. The site itself, with the submitted product or service, as well as the problem of search marketing is only a part of the functions of Internet marketing.
IT Stars specialists are ready to develop Internet marketing strategy with you. Our joint actions will be able to give maximum results. We are happy to share our experience and bring your business to new heights.


IT Stars provides consulting on a number of problems that enables enterprises too quickly and efficiently achieve maximum results from the introduction of new software products and services. Collaboration with customers in various business fields enables us to understand and find solutions for any specifics of the business.

We consult in fields such as:

  • auditing of existing software,
  • determination of the need to create a new product,
  • methodology for the creation of a new product,
  • technology for its development,
Enterprise business processes automation:
  • analysis of the effectiveness of business processes,
  • determination of priority business processes,
  • analysis of ready solutions and their modification,
Computer structure:
  • management of computer structure,
  • suppliers of new equipment,
Project finances:
  • budgeting,
  • planning costs and other resources,
  • plan of works.

IT Stars specialists have extensive experience in providing consulting services. Working with customers in various fields, we have learned to understand and find solutions for any specific business.

Modern living conditions cause a qualified solution of problems in the IT field for a successful and competitive business development.

Localization and globalization:

software, computer games, web sites

To expand the consumer market of any software, you should perform its localization.
Normally perform only translation of interface elements, at least - help and documentation files. It is not enough for localization of software.
Our specialists are qualified to perform software localization, translation and maintenance of multilingual web sites, help files translation, translation of games.
On your project will work not only a translator, fluent in a foreign language, but also the expert who is knowledgeable in the specifics of your software product.

Project management

All fields of work and range of services such as the creation of software turn-key with further support, the creation of original web site of the company or corporate identity development, negotiated and secured with an official contract concluded before starting work. In the contract there is fixed cost of the project, calculated on the basis of hourly pay for work of the employee.

Project management can be organized under the following schemes:

  • a complete management from our side (with the periodic progress reports about works and ongoing costs),
  • a partial management form our side,
  • a complete management from your side.

Below there is a list of fields in which specialists of IT Stars have considerable experience in implementing projects:

  • Web-applications and work with data via Internet (php,, .net web-services, JSP);
  • windows-applications (.net, java);
  • MRP, ERP-systems (enterprise business processes automation).

Here we provide only general information. For each project, we are ready to find you the specialists with required set of skills and related knowledge to perform your project.

Using IT Stars services you can purchase a finished project or obtain the desired profile of highly skilled professionals. Collaboration on the outsourcing model involves both the implementation of completely new projects and upgrades the existing information systems, and implementation of project support.

If you need a reliable partner in area of Information technologies, please contact us!


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