Sooner or later every company is necessary to expand the business, and one of the main tools is the Internet. It is obvious that it is necessary to develop a good website. At this stage, many are faced with where to order company website development. Internet is filled with proposals that promise in a few days to develop a site that will bring you stunning results. In this situation, it is difficult to select an offer for website development, which can be fully trusted.

We are proud of our previous work on web development and design for these sites. They are better than any words show why you should order website development of the company is in the IT Stars.

IT Stars provides outsourcing services in software development:

  • software development;
  • internet marketing;
  • consulting;
  • localization and translations: software, computer games and websites;
  • maintenance of enterprise information systems.

You want an exclusive modern design and professional technical development and production? You've come to the right place!

We know how to develop a site and are ready to offer our services. Technical development, enterprise website design and its support - this is what we do best.

We propose the design and manufacture of web sites of any complexity. We propose website design and creation of any complexity. We can offer large enterprise website design and development, website business card, flash website of any complexity. Website design and creation can be made as a turnkey, or under the strict guidance of the customer. We can develop a site that meets all your needs.

By signing the contract for website development and creation you get:

  • technical development and creation of enterprise website;
  • creation and development of contemporary exclusive designs for the website;
  • excellent price for the creation and development of the website.

Enterprise website development is one of the main activities of the IT Stars companies. Setting targets and competent solution - a way to create web site, which will be profitable. Therefore, website development in our studio begins with an examination of your business and find ways to successfully implement marketing ideas.

Enterprise website

Website of commercial organizations on the internet. At the enterprise website should provide information reflecting the main aspects of the company: goals, features, history, contact persons, products or services. Creating a corporate website aims to inform visitors about the company, its products or services. Website design should repeat corporate identity (or help create it). The cost of creating a enterprise website depends entirely on the wishes and preferences in design, structure, website size and other parameters. Cost depends on the complexity of the technical development and design of the website.

Many companies set the huge price for corporate site developing, especially in developing turn-key websites, considering that it is difficult to estimate the real cost of technical development and designing for company's site.

In our own company there is a clear scheme of forming the value of technical production and website design creation.

"We emphasize once again - enterprise website development should have the following objectives: to inform visitors (formation of a public company), strengthen the image of the company and stimulate sales. The last objective in most cases is the key. Our mission is to help you achieve these goals, to develop a website that meets all the needs of your company. Website design and development is specific to your business, to achieve maximum results and best value for the website. To develop this website, we come to process in complex. In the website development and creation we use specific technical solutions, and design is created with the needs of business."

Website development in company IT Stars

IT Stars developing websites from simple to the most complex options. During his tenure studio performed dozens of website creating projects. Main components of success we believes that a professional approach to developing web sites and fulfillment of all conditions of the client contract. The effectiveness of this approach evaluated in practice for many companies that are no longer a question arises where to order website development. Because when they need a result - they just rely on us to develop a site.

Implementation technology of the web project

Successful collaboration cannot be built without a clear line of conduct from both the Customer and the contractor. We, on our own experience, have worked technological mechanism of such interactions, which allows using the available set of tools to interact with our customers efficiently and optimally.

Implementation technology of the web project consists of several stages:

  • Client in writing or orally form formulates his problem. On this basis, our experts for analysis form a commercial offer with an estimate of the time and cost of the project, depending on the complexity of the task.
  • After reaching an agreement, our specialists begin a detailed analysis of the project with the refinement and adjustment of technical specifications.
  • Given the preliminary work plan is drawn up on specific steps and deadlines.
  • The design concept developed in the first stage and provided a layout for Customer approval.
  • Subsequent stages include the programming and layout. If necessary, the customer provides interim work results.
  • After doing the basic work Client, through its employees or with the involvement of previously agreed specialists, tests the project.
  • Customer detected inconsistencies, errors or deviations from technical specifications are corrected. Completion of the project is confirmed with an acceptance report, and our company provides warranty services for free.


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