IT Stars is ready to develop custom software for you that will meet your business needs.

Computer programming (often shortened to programming or coding) is the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. A good program should be all the situations that may arise in the work process, specify the action in any given situation, and be able to respond to the computer "messages" and so on.

Really good, safe program to write is not so simple.

IT Stars, using the latest technologies and methods, provides a full range of services in software development. Our experts will study your requirements, make specifications, will perform product development, will test the software and train employees.

IT Stars specialists are working with different programming languages, technologies and methodologies. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the process of software development is our main advantage.

IT Stars offers the following services in software:

  • Custom development;
  • Integration with existing products;
  • Consultations on the process of creating;
  • Testing and tuning;
  • Training of staff on site or remotely;
  • Warranty;
  • Maintenance and revision of the product, if necessary.

In addition to the standard set of services, IT Stars offers development and construction of:

  • design;
  • interface;
  • separate components;
  • technical documentation;
  • software localization.

IT Stars in its work uses the latest technologies and methods, and quality control of projects, our main principle.

IT Stars specializes in the fields of software development:

  • Using Java programming
  • Using Flash and Flex technologies
  • Using Ajax technologies
  • Developing Web 2.0 applications and RIA
  • Developing software for mobile devices
  • Developing SaaS applications
  • Developing applications for CloudComputing technology
  • Developing software on Microsoft platforms

Online shop

Online shop is a system for selling goods over the Internet. With each passing day the number of online shops in the network increases, because the benefits of e-commerce are obvious. For online shop owners - is to reduce the costs of office and warehouse space, cost effectiveness, customers’ history, remote interaction with customers, unlimited visitor traffic and the lack of need to maintain a large staff.

For online shop buyers - it is convenient to study the range and reviews about it, saving time, reasonable prices, round-the-clock operation and delivery.

Online shop - it is an ideal place to use BTL advertising technology, which is much more efficient than traditional advertising. We analyzing the features of your products, we offer the best solution for the online shop structure and method of forming the shopping basket. All this allows us to create a great product.

For each project we draw up a detailed specification, which allows high quality in a very short period (from 20 days) to achieve the desired result. At the same time, by the client, we develop a grid of pages and a full prototype of the project with active links.

This allows to our clients:

  • get a free warranty and consulting services for 1 year after operation;
  • publish any information on the site (by the end of all the work we carry out free training to use content management system);
  • to edit any textual and graphical information, as well as changes in sections of goods and order processing algorithms.

In addition, all of our sites are already optimized and technically ready to promote in search engines, which will increase your visibility and attract new customers.

We are ready to implement a complex of activities to create online stores in general: online shop creation, promotion in search engine, training, stock control, installing and configuring the necessary software. And also provide other related services:

  • quality photography for the preparation of graphic material on online shop;
  • meeting with our copywriter to conduct interviews with key experts of the company and writing the necessary material for the site.

Unique web development

Recently popular on the Internet use information portals, electronic exchanges, social networks, B2B solutions, on-line games. All these resources are unique web development, calculated on a large attendance. In the process of creating such websites are not trifles, and therefore need to develop high level professionals with experience on similar large projects.

For the overly-complicated projects we carry out preliminary research in which the subject area of study, analyze the market competition, we will examine the cost-effectiveness, marketing the idea and appreciate the success of the project as a whole. Only after this written specification, which records all the technical specifications for each software module, then we decide on a technology platform on which to realize your project.

Only such a thorough approach and the deep-round testing of the product at each stage prevents further occurrence of the programmatic and ideological errors.

The interaction of our clients throughout the work is carried out with the project manager, who still competent in technical matters and the fundamentals of marketing. IT Stars experience gave us the opportunity to form their own way of doing such projects, which is based on the iterative approach.

The results of this method:

  • fulfillment time;
  • work within the project budget;
  • guaranteed steady work in the future;
  • quality upgrading in the process;

By selecting us as a developer, you will be sure to succeed!


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