Complex of services that is designed for new enterprises*, the first day of providing company with qualified representation in the Internet, at the same time allowing you to save money.

It is often necessary in the interim building a small temporary site for the promotion. This is a plan to the future development of the resource "if everything goes well." We propose in this case to create an interim "cap", from which in future modification of the site would be nothing left.

What we you offer to?

We provide you a fully managed site. Website that in the future can be upgraded - system management is already included, it would be to simply connect the necessary modules.

What you get in the end?

Fully managed site at the time of promotion. You can add your logo to the pages, information about company; publish news, information about services and so on.

Since the signing of the contract, until the signing of the act of acceptance will pass maximum ONE day. Operatively?!

In the future you will only increase the functionality of your site and, of course, do not forget to consult with us. Thus, not investing millions, you get a completely tool. And then, just ordered the design and dream up in our office for a cup of tea on additional functionality, you will receive a completely unique and effective resource! The resource, which at the time of additional services will already be in the TOP-10 queries on the search engines, and the change of design only stokes the interest of consumers to your product or service.

Do you want to taste what is an effective online marketing with IT Stars - This service is for you!

Full content management system (CMS)!

IT Stars CMS - Professional content management system for successful company:

  • content management system is already included in the price;
  • technically optimized for search engine promotion;
  • guaranteed technical support;
  • free product updates.

With IT Stars CMS can be developed a new project or convert the existing to a new content management system. The product is designed as a professional web-developer as well as on ordinary users, who are ready to manage the site every day.

Product features

Working with static content:

  • Working with text, tables, images, links, performed in visual editor;
  • Ability to insert text and objects directly from MS Word or MS Excel;
  • Edit page html-code;
  • SEO-Tools (keywords, descriptions);
  • The distribution of access rights for content management;
  • File manager to manage the site structure.

Work with dynamic content:

  • News;
  • Articles;
  • Photo gallery;
  • Search (full text, morphological);
  • Frequently asked questions, FAQ;
  • Feedback.

Additional bonuses:

  • Technically optimized for promotion;
  • Free training for work with the system.

Warranty and technical support

Website - this is not only a platform for communication with customers and business promotion in the network, but also a complex software product. Understanding this, we offer for our clients a free warranty on developed websites.

Services included in the business set for new enterprises:

  • fully managed site;
  • domain .info for 1 year;
  • opening up to 5 mailboxes;
  • site hosting for 1 year.

Business set benefits:

  • an opportunity to immediately purchase of your Internet representative;
  • simultaneous execution of all the included services;
  • Your web site is ready within 1 business day;
  • in the contacts use company registered e-mail;
  • low price - only 112 € of the contract for 1 year, it is less than if each of the included services separately;
  • the set price by the contract for 6 months - 84 €.

More information about business set and its benefits can be obtained using the feedback form or by phone +371 66066113

* registration less than 1 year


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