Context and media advertising, promotion of sites search engines and other promotional events attract a large number of potential buyers to your website. But the real buyers, place the order from the site, it is only a portion of these visitors, with a very small part. How can I fix this situation? How can you turn more visitors into buyers?

You need a service Conversion improving!

Conversion converting website visitors into buyers. Accordingly, increasing conversion - turning more visitors into real buyers, it is even greater return on your website!

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Every business has its own unique features. They need to leverage to get more and more new customers. Similarly, each website is unique. Therefore, with every site we work perfectly individually, specifically for his use the tools that are most appropriate in this particular situation. Analysis of architecture, information presentation, usability design, statistical analysis, competitor analysis, etc. - All work included in the package of services, conversion improving. We attract the best professionals for a comprehensive work on the project, each of whom is responsible for his own part.

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Conversion improving includes the following services:

Website usability audit

Usability audit of the website - a peer-review usability, conducted by our specialists. We study your website, identifies the most critical errors that prevent user-friendliness of your site visitors. Thanks to the analysis, we can monitor your users, which allow detecting problems encountered by users, and proposing a set of measures to address identified problems. On the output will be generated report, which will be provided to the detected problems and the set of solutions to solve these problems.

Website marketing audit

Website marketing audit - is the most ambitious and comprehensive work on the website. In the first study subject to the website attendance statistics, which allows reconstructing the work on your website, conducted in the past and now. Are required to study all sources of traffic to the site to assess the effectiveness and quality of incoming traffic based on the audience buying power. After learning, we offer you a set of recommendations on quantitative and qualitative change in traffic from each of the sources for greater impact in the form of new clients. This includes advice on setting up and appropriate modification of contextual advertising and promotion in search engines. We conduct a study of the site, its audience, ease of use, feeding information and a number of characteristics of the site. In the marketing audit included usability audit of the site as an integral part.

In addition, we analyze websites of your competitors; keep track of their ongoing efforts in the website development, contextual advertising and promotion, in order to use the most effective moments for you and the repetition of mistakes made by competitors.

The output is formed by a detailed report, which includes a comprehensive strategy to promote the website, to obtain the most targeted traffic, which effectively turn into customers.


Your sales managers are able to convince customers that order the goods and services are best in your company? Yes? Excellent!

Texts on the site - it is your virtual sales force. They also like people, excellent "know how" to sell your products and services. The texts will tell everything you need, you need to know the visitor (potential customer), will explain all the competitive advantages, will expose your product or service at the best possible light and unconditionally persuade visitors that want to make a purchase from you! Obviously, write the correct text - is very important. They turn visitors it into your clients.

The art of writing selling texts our experts possess great! Selling copywriting - a great way to increase sales!


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