To expand the consumer market of any software, you should perform its localization.

Normally perform only translation of interface elements, at least - help and documentation files. It is not enough for software localization.

Localization and globalization: software, computer games, web sites

Our specialists are qualified to perform software localization, translation and maintenance of multilingual web sites, help files translation, games translation.

On your project will work not only a translator, fluent in a foreign language, but also the expert who is knowledgeable in the specifics of your software product.

It is necessary to carry out works on several levels of software localization:

  • not always it is appropriate to translate some menu items, because some words or expressions should not be translated into another language;
  • the length of individual words, as well as expressions in the translated version should not differ from the specified size in the original. Or localizing of software will need to align some parts of the interface;
  • another important aspect is the adaptation of software or texts to the national mentality.

For rapid and high-quality software translation our experts use a rich toolbox. With the help of which, it is possible to simplify the process of software localization. The translation process begins with an analysis of the text parts to the future functioning of the software has not been broken. Only after this, our specialists provide the full range of works on processing the material into another language.

Software translation ordered from us, will not cause you to doubt the high quality of the product.


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