In our company is created a separate structure for informative and technical support. You pay the real work in fact of its implementation.

Also we can offer basic support package only for 44 €/month, which includes:
  • e-mail management (service includes creation of e-mail boxes, consultations on work with a mail web-interface and setting of the e-mail programs);
  • hosting work control (this work will be conducted at the level of watching of problems and further removal of the exposed defects);
  • domain control (control of timely payment, extension of the domain names, makes sense certain insurance once not to lose the domain name);
  • antivirus (service includes the permanent monitoring and exposure of the viral programs which can damage a site, and also work on the delete of viruses of staggering, resource. The antivirus bases is constantly updating);
  • website backup (a base package includes work on the weekly complete copying of information of site, and also to storage of the archived copies for one month);
  • website work control (service implies work on the continuous monitoring of work of site and his restore in the case of technical failures);
  • website restore from backup (service includes work on restore of website, in the case of partial loss or complete delete, caused the viral programs, attacks of hackers or technical failures);
  • additional organizational and consultative services.

Our customers get the weekly reports on his site state and to the executed tasks.

We are ready to sign with you an agreement about the level of services, in this document will be described the level and quality of doing services in measurable parameters, time of reacting on tasks, time of their execution.


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