Website business card - it is something with which many companies are opening an office in the internet. Online business card can be provided with basic information about the company, its products or services. The cost of creating online business card is lower than the development of web sites other direction. But at the very low cost you get a great result. Online business card design and development takes little time and lets you quickly bring your business to the Internet. A well-established site card can be an effective advertising tool for your company. Moreover, the structure of online business card when necessary may be modified and expanded to the online store or other options.

In the website business card development design is very important, which could delay the sight of the client and get his attention. We offer a wide range of solutions for website business card design - from developing concise website with a minimum amount of information, ending with the development of flash sites, with lots of original solutions.

Website development: stages

Enterprise website development begins with a detailed specification. This allows you to achieve the desired result qualitatively in a very short period (from 11 working days). At this stage, we develop pages grid and create a full prototype with active links. The development is based on advanced technology platforms.

Using these technical solutions allow us to offer:

  • are support and warranty service within 1 year after operation;
  • easy content management - after all development works we provide free training.

We take the task to create a technically ready to promote website in search engines, with the skillful design, which will increase the recognition of the company and will attract new customers. Therefore, we consider the development and manufacturing site, as the first stage of its successful promotion. Quality design can also greatly increase the popularity of the company. At the creation of design, we offer our clients three different versions of design layouts from which you can choose the one you like and continue to work through it. Many can create a website, to create effective tool internet marketing - only professionals.

Our portfolio speaks about our competence and that we really know how to develop correct, efficient product.

Developing website in our studio includes the whole cycle of works - from registering a domain name till placing it on the hosting platform.

Website creation: additional services

Website creation can additionally include the following services:

  • photography (including panoramic) for preparation of graphic material;
  • interviews and copyright (to create content for the site);
  • analysis system for statistical behavior of each visitor to the site. The system allows you to track all actions: transitions between pages, click hyperlinks, and so that it is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the site.

Enterprise portal

Many modern companies currently use to ensure their activities of various communication systems, including enterprise portals.

Presence of such resource allows the company to solve the following problem:

  • accumulation and structuring of the knowledge, rules, description of business processes;
  • access to corporate information with different user rights;
  • contact list of employees;
  • intracorporate communication;
  • formulation and monitoring of strategic objectives;
  • consolidation of information on standardization work and business processes;
  • software interactions at the employees level, divisions, departments and top management.

Creation of internal corporate portal enhances the work of all staff, reduces company costs, saves time for new employees to adapt and generally helps the rapid interaction of staff within the company.

For each project we draw up a detailed specification, which allows high quality in a very short period (from 20 days) to achieve the desired result. At the same time, by the client, we develop a grid of pages and a full prototype of the project with active links.

All internal corporate portals are developed on the most advanced technology platforms that enable our customers to get 1 year warranty.

By the end of all the work we carry out free training to use enterprise portal, place resource on customer server, assuming all the obligations under the decision of hardware and software issues.

Enterprise website

Enterprise website - website of commercial organizations on the internet. At the enterprise website should provide information reflecting the main aspects of the company: goals, features, history, contact persons, products or services. Creating a corporate website aims to inform visitors about the company, its products or services. Website design should repeat corporate identity (or help create it). The cost of creating enterprise website depends entirely on the wishes and preferences in design, structure, website size and other parameters. Cost depends on the complexity of the technical development and design of the website.

Enterprise website design

If there is no need to develop the site from scratch and there is the problem correct design, we will be glad to help you with this. Website design creation is held in strict accordance with your wishes. For each project, possibly making a few designs, design creation of corporate website will be up as long as the website will not be possible to satisfy your needs. The cost of the website design depends on your wishes and the amount of work.


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