Introduction (Benefits & Importance)

We have all witnessed how our technology evolved from a simple web browsing using computers, to laptops and iPhone applications. And now with an increasing demand for easy internet access, mobile websites were quickly introduced. Surprisingly, there are about 30% of mobile phone owners who have browsed the Internet through their mobile phones, thus making mobile web browsing the next predominant Internet platform.

Like other websites, mobile websites also need a strong and appealing design. Having one can definitely provide users with an interactive web surfing experience. Mobile designs evolved from very basic text only pages to more graphical pages. Today, most mobile devices are capable of accessing the internet at high speeds, and are able to render rich HTML, Javascript and AJAX enabled pages. With this being said, we can expect the industry of mobile design to change very soon - with richer, more interactive mobile versions of websites to be on the increase. With mobile web design, there is of course mobility itself. Anyone can access the Internet in the palm of their hands. The time of just surfing the net at a desk or home is now gone.

Specifications & Services

When designing for mobile devices there are several factors to be looked upon, such as smaller screens, different resolution, and slower downloading speeds. Having this being said, the latest technology has come up with a plan in which mobile design services can use to create a mobile web that fits for different screen sizes. The menu will be designed in a vertical way making it more easier for users to scroll down into the content. The use of omnipresent menu will be highly enacted as well - especially if the site has three links or less on its top navigation. For the designers to achieve this plan, they will likely to put the navigation on the first page and on the others pages, and use a link at the top to come back to the first page or use breadcrumbs.

Most mobile websites were also customized for specific needs. Mobile design services are all able to make sites easier to click on. And this can be done with the use of white space around them and bigger font sizes. When a link is selected, instead of just underlining it or changing its color, the background color will be changed (even if the link is in the middle of a paragraph). It´s much better for mobile user to see what they have clicked on.

Requirements & Software

For you to design a simple yet effective and attractive mobile website, you need a few ingredients to add into the mix. Luckily, the industry has developed a series of web technologies that explicitly take into account the specifications of mobile devices. The most widely used markup throughout the infancy of mobile devices was WML or Wireless Markup Language. WML is an XML markup language based on the card-and-deck metaphor. However this language is only used by sites that explicitly target customers with low-end phones. This is where XHTML steps into the picture. XHTML is the one which defines a subset of XHTML for mobile.

CSS Mobile and SVG Tiny were also two of the software for mobile web devices. CSS Mobile is a profile of the cascading style sheet language that matches the need of mobile Web authors; while SVG Tiny is a profile of the Web’s scalable vector graphics format well-suited to the capabilities of mobile devices.

Other advanced Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS 2.1 and 3, and rich Javascript APIs were all paving their way for web-based mobile applications.


Due to the fact that mobile web has long been introduced, there are indeed numbers of applications that can be downloaded and installed to every mobile phones. The first app would be the Gmail App for mobile phones. This application is a Java-based version of Gmail for mobile, which features IMAP sync, attachment viewing. Next is the Google Map - this too is a Java app, which Google released in December 2006. it has a full-featured version including GPS Integration, which can be used on Windows Mobile PocketPCs and smart phones.

Opera Mini can be applied for mobile web too. Actually this is not an app but many people wanted to download it to use as their mobile web browser. The new features in Opera Mini 4 include quicker scrolling, auto-sizing and faster page rendering. Shozu and Fring were also used as applications for mobile web. Shozu enables you to send your videos and photos from your phone to the Web; while Fringe is a free mobile VoIP software, that lets you connect to all your IM services and talk for free when connected to 3G or Wi-Fi.



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